Being part of a professional learning community can provide camaraderie, encouragement, and support that makes a positive difference in achieving one's professional and entrepreneurial goals. GiG PowHer provides an online space for like-minded women inspired by God to make the world it's best with the power of love. Yes, we know it sounds super corny... Welcome to our online world.

Supporting others is something Shawneda learned she loved early in her professional endeavors at the Milwaukee Public Library and as an adult at Comcast and Grady Hospital. Her commitment to continue to serve others while being an unapologetic introvert led to shifting from customer facing positions to technical communication. 
GiG PowHer learning community is where she combines her love for serving others and experience as a technical communicator to organize online events. By providing valuable resources to support ambitious girls and women looking to build a better tomorrow with God inspired girl power.  
The inspiration for the real life online community came from her fiction series that you can learn more about on her author website
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